It’s All About the Little Things

A friend and fellow student in the Global Field Program wrote this handy guide to making small changes that can make big differences for the environment. Check it out!

Sunflowers & Cephalopods

Whenever there is talk about taking care of the planet, phrases such as “Saving the World” are often used – which can be pretty daunting.

Oakland Nature Preserve

There is no doubt that we as humans, require a global fundamental shift in our actions, beliefs, and perceptions (Reddy et al. 2016), if we are to even attempt to mitigate and possibly reverse the effects we have had on the environment. However, doing this does not need to be as scary as everyone (and my previous sentence) makes it out to be.

Conservation issues tend to be presented in their entirety, which usually is caused by a culmination of many actions (Reddy et al. 2016). Instead of presenting each conservation issue in its entirety and expecting people to be able to change their behaviors accordingly – each of the larger issues, such as climate change and deforestation, should be distilled down…

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